• Postdoctoral position (18 months) on fast computational hyperspectral imaging in Lyon (69) - CREATIS

    Fast computational hyperspectral imaging
    Duration 18 months

    Description: We are actively seeking a postdoctoral fellow or an engineer to spearhead the development of a high-speed computational imaging system tailored for hyperspectral imaging. This cutting-edge camera need to be developed to detect Protoporphyrin fluorescence signal, specifically in the context of  glioma resection. The role, funded by ANR, will encompass the full spectrum of responsibilities, from conceptualization of an optical experimental setup, its characterization, the acquisition of hypercubes from ex-vivo and in-vivo glioma and the post-procesing of theses hypercubes.
    Challenge: Currently, the total acquisition time is suitable for biopsy samples but impractical for in vivo imaging. In response, our group has developed compressive imaging strategies aimed at reducing the number of patterns required for acquisition, thereby reducing the total acquisition time. While this is a significant advance, it is still insufficient for clinical in vivo applications. Hardware development is needed to increase speed by developing a second experimental setup. Read more

    Work location:
    Bâtiment Léonard de Vinci
    21 avenue Jean Capelle
    69621 Villeurbanne cedex FRANCE

    Application procedure (CV and motivation letter): Laurent Mahieu-Williame (mahieu@creatis.insa-lyon.fr), Bruno Montcel (bruno.montcel@univ-lyon1.fr)

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