What are the objectives ?

What are the objectives of the school?

Questioning the foundations of a new transdisciplinary field

Research on organic and excitonic optoelectronic materials and devices gathers people that come from sometimes very different communities with different backgrounds. The emergence of many different functional materials with fascinating excitonic properties and many practical applications rises many common questions.  It is one objective of the school to make connections between those sometimes different worlds and ultimately investigate what is common and what is fundamentally different in the concepts, methods, and device design strategies associated with “excitonic” materials.

Taking time to ask and share

A thematic school is not a conference. It is longer (almost 2 weeks) and mostly composed of long talks (at least 3 hours, up to 6h) which will not only question the foundations but also present the latest developments of the field. Top leaders in their domains, selected for both their expertise and tutorial skills, will give all courses.
Thematic schools in Les Houches Physics School are famous for the interactions they enable between participants. Not speaking about the wonderful location in the heart of the French Alps, the audience is limited to less than 60 people, making it possible for everyone to discuss with virtually everyone in the school.