Doctoral contract in Visual Optics in Hong Kong (HK) - Hong Kong Polytechnic University

3-year Doctoral contract in Visual Optics

Description: The ITF-funded project: Towards an Intelligent Eyeglass with Autocorrection, hosted by The Hong Kong Kong Polytechnic University (QS ranking: 65th), is inviting applications for a 3-year doctoral contract to develop smart adaptive eyeglasses for presbyopes and low-vision patients.
The candidate will join an international team of experts in the field of Optics (Dr. Alexander Goncharov, Dr Charles-Edouard Leroux, Dr Elie De Lestrange-Anginieur), Visual Science (Dr Elie De Lestrange- Anginieur, Prof. Allen Cheong, Prof George Woo), and Electronics (Prof Eric Cheng) including:
• The School of Optometry (Home | School of Optometry ( and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Home | Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ( at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
• the MIPA laboratory Laboratoire MIPA – Mathématiques, Informatique, Physique et Applications ( at the University of Nimes and,
• the Applied Optics group Applied Optics group Applied Optics - University of Galway ( at the University of Galway.
As a member of the ITF-project, the doctoral candidate will be primarily based in Hong Kong. His/her degree will be delivered by the School of Optometry – an international research center recognized for its high-impact research on refractive anomalies and age-related ocular diseases.
The appointee is expected to design the optics of adaptive eyeglasses, develop wavefront sensing systems integrated into the eyeglasses, and build an adaptive control system for real-time adjustment of the wearer’s focus. Read more

Work location:
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
11 Yuk Choi Road
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Applicatipn procedure (resume): Elie De Lestrange-Anginieur (