Du 17/09/2023 au 29/09/2023

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  • Les Houches
Les Houches


Ecole thématique SFO 2023 : Ondes en milieux complexes : de la théorie à la pratique

Ecole de Physique des Houches, du 18 au 29 septembre 2023

This school falls in line with the current rich activity in the physics of waves in complex media.
This research field not only covers optics, radio waves, but also acoustics (ultrasonic or seismic waves) and even quantum matter waves. In optics, it is especially important for a number of applications: biomedical imaging, photonics, bio-inspired materials or atom optics to give a few examples.
The recent growth of these applications is, nevertheless, strongly connected with rich advances in fundamental physics: coherent transport and Anderson localization, cooperative effects, random-matrix theory, constitute fields where the progresses in the recent years have opened a new range of possibilities for applications.
The objective of this school is to gather the best international specialists of the field, theoreticians and experimentalists, able to give solid bases on wave transport, imaging, control of waves in complex media and atomic physics, paying a particular attention to the analogies between different types of waves and materials.
The duration of the school (two weeks), as well as the combination of general lectures (6 to 8 hours) and of shorter seminars shedding light on the most recent developments, make the school especially dedicated to PhD students, postdocs and academic or R&D researchers who wish to develop their knowledge in this domain.

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