program and speakers


Cécilia Clivati (Italie, INRIM)
Pacôme Delva (France, Syrte-Observatoire de Paris)
Michael Drewsen (Danemark, Aarhus University)
Frédéric Du Burck (France, LPL-Université Paris 13)
Kjeld Eikema (Nederland, LaserLaB - VU University Amsterdam)
Jochen Kronjaeger (UK, NPL)
Helen Margolis (UK, NPL)
Paul-Éric Pottie (France, Syrte-Observatoire de Paris)
Nathalie Picqué (Germany, MPQ)
Fritz Riehle (Germany, retired from PTB)

  • Nom du fichier : Thematic school program


Introductory lessons

1.Noise and stability of oscillators

Confirmed lecturer : F. Riehle (Germany, formerly at PTB)

2.The servo loop, or the mean to reach stability transfer

Confirmed lecturer : F Du Burck (France, LPL, Université Paris 13)


Confirmed lecturer : F. Riehle (Germany, formerly at PTB)

Frequency comparison and transfer

4.Optical frequency comb

Confirmed lecturer : Helen Margolis (UK, NPL)

5.Optical fiber links

Confirmed lecturer : Jochen Kronjaeger (UK-NPL)

6. RF link and synchronization

Confirmed lecturer : Paul-Éric Pottie (France-Syrte)

7. Technical sessions on combs (2 h)

Oral presentation about the optical frequency combs from the 3 companies, Menlo (Germany), Toptica (Germany), Imra (USA) (to be confirmed)

Applications to high-precision measurements

8.High-precision frequency measurement with a comb

Confirmed lecturer : Kjeld Eikema (Nederland, VU University Amsterdam)

9.Comb allowed Molecular spectroscopy

Confirmed lecturer : Nathalie Picqué (MPQ, Germany)

10.Comb allowed Atomic spectroscopy

Confirmed lecturer : M. Drewsen (Aarhus University, Danemark)

11.Tests of fundamental physics (2 h)

Confirmer lecturer : Pacôme Delva (France, Syrte-Observatoire de Paris)

12.Optical fiber links for geophysics and Very Long Baseline Interferometry

Confirmed lecturer : Cécilia Clivati (Italy, INRIM)