Precision thin cell spectroscopy of Casimir-Polder molecule-surface interactions in Villtaneuse (93) - LPL

Doctoral position onon high precision molecular spectroscopy to measure for the 1st time the Casimir-Polder interaction (3 years)
Starting: september 2024

Description: Our group specializes in the spectroscopy of atoms confined inside nanocells (typical thickness between 50-1000 nm) and has already developed thin cell spectroscopy as a major technique for probing Casimir-Polder interactions with excited or even highly excited atoms. Since 2017 the group has turned its attention to molecules demonstrating rovibrational spectroscopy of confined gases in the near and mid infrared. However, these experiments were not sensitive to molecule-surface potentials because the gases were probed in the micrometric regime, where Casimir-Polder interactions are small. We now propose to perform thin- cell spectroscopy of HF molecules in order to measure the Casimir-Polder molecule-surface interaction and study its anisotropic component. No such measurement has ever been carried out. Read more

Work location:
Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers
CNRS - UMR7538 Université Sorbonne Paris Nord - Institut Galilée
99, avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément

Application procedure (CV + cover letter): Isabelle Maurin (, Athanasios Laliotis (