OPTIQUE Dijon 2020

stage M2, LiPhy Grenoble

Evanescent field patterning for optogenetic activation of live cells

Stage Master proposé par le LiPhy Grenoble :

We propose to develop a setup for programmable patterned evanescent field illumination, in order to directly activate the basal membrane of a cell adhering on a substrate, rather than the standard cytosolic activation.
Wavefront control will be performed by the means of a Digital Micromirror Device, in order to optimize the illumination geometry by using a holographic approach.
This internship requires a background in optics/physics. It will take place at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Physics (LIPhy, Grenoble), in close collaboration with biologists of the Institute for Advanced Biosciences. It involves both simulations and first experiments on an optical bench to define the best optical configuration compatible with a microscope environment.

Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique et Institut Albert Bonniot, Grenoble

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