Postdoctoral contract in Optics in Hong Kong (HK) - Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2-year Post-doctoral fellowhip

Description: The ITF-funded project: Towards an Intelligent Eyeglass with Autocorrection, hosted by The Hong Kong Kong Polytechnic University (QS ranking: 65th), is inviting applications for a 2-year postdoctoral contract to develop smart adaptive eyeglasses combining a wearable optics visual analyzer and adaptive corrective focus. The smart adaptive eyeglass aims to capture the natural accommodative dynamics in real-world environments and provide in-depth adaptive optics adjustment for visual training and correction of accommodative deficiencies in presbyopic and low-vision populations.
The candidate will join an international team of experts in the field of Optics (Dr. Alexander Goncharov, Dr Charles-Edouard Leroux, Dr Elie De Lestrange-Anginieur), Visual Science (Dr Elie De Lestrange- Anginieur, Prof. Allen Cheong, Prof George Woo), and Electronics (Prof Eric Cheng) including:
• The School of Optometry (Home | School of Optometry ( and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Home | Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ( at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
• the MIPA laboratory Laboratoire MIPA – Mathématiques, Informatique, Physique et Applications ( at the University of Nimes and,
• the Applied Optics group Applied Optics group Applied Optics - University of Galway ( at the University of Galway.
As a member of the ITF-project, the postdoctoral candidate will be primarily based in Hong Kong. He/She will work at the School of Optometry – an international research center recognized for its high impact research on refractive anomalies and age-related ocular diseases. The appointee is expected to develop the optomechanical design of the corrective lens system.
The development will involve designing, building, and testing the optics and mechanical housing of the adaptive lens, and contributing to its optomechanical integration into the adaptive optics visual analyzer. Read more

Work location:
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
11 Yuk Choi Road
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Applicatipn procedure (resume): Elie De Lestrange-Anginieur (