Post-doctoral - Toulouse - LAAS - CNRS

Postdoctoral position in high finesse fibered Fabry-Perot resonator development

The candidate will be involved in the improvement of the technical steps leading to the fabrication of fibered Fabry-Perot resonators delimited with thin-film dielectric mirrors. This mainly experimental research work will be carried out in collaboration with Fresnel Institute (Marseille), RCMO team. It will consist in optimizing the preparation technique of FP resonators synchronously with the enhancement of the mirror design and deposition routine process done at Fresnel Institute. The component properties will be characterized in both laboratories. In parallel the development of an optoelectronic system for KFC generation will be studied and implemented in LAAS.

Lieu : LAAS (Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems)

UPR CNRS 8001, Team : MOST
7, av. du Colonel Roche
BP 54 200
31031 Toulouse, cedex 4

Contacts : Arnaud Fernandez, Tel : +33 5 61 33 78 47, E-mail :

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