Post-doctoral contract in Paris (75) - Gustave Eiffel University

Post-Doctoral Position in Microwave Photonics

Description: The present postdoctoral research takes place in the frame of PIEC project PURELIGTH. The project aims at developing of experimental setup for DC and analog characterizations of photonics devices and circuits. The targeted applications are optical communication: radio over fiber and LIFI. The photonic/microwave components will be widely used in ultra-high-speed, low-cost, low consumption communications networks that will enable future intra-building and/or inter-building communications within the city and in future 6G applications. These future communications will take place at increasingly higher frequencies (millimeter and THz) and will be associated with advanced modulation formats (FBMC, OFDM) and broadband to obtain ultra-high speed at all points. Radio-over Fiber approach is being pushed into these bands to simplify remote antenna systems, to offer high density networks and to optimize the power emissions. The developments from 5G to 6G are also pushing towards the study of optical wireless communications of the LiFi type. The study of such systems and their integration is therefore essential, all the more so with the deployment by operators of optical fiber to the home with FTTH (Fiber To The Home) networks. The host lab is ESYCOM involving research in the fields of communication systems, sensors and microsystems for the city, the environment and people. More specifically, the topics covered are:
- antennas and propagation in complex media, photonic components
- microwaves; microsystems for environmental analysis and depollution, for health and the interface with living organisms 
- micro-devices for mechanical, thermal or electromagnetic ambient energy recovery.
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Work location:
Gustave Eiffel University, Esiee-Paris
2 boulevard Blaise Pascal
BP 99
93162 Noisy-le-Grand CEDEX

Application procedure (A detailed curriculum vitae including a description of previous experiences, a list of publications, a cover letter for the position, professional references will be appreciated)Dr. Salim FACI (, Pr. Catherine ALGANI (, Pr. Anne-Laure BILLAERT (





Microwave Photonics