Post-doctoral - CEA Marcoule (30)


POST-DOCTORAL POSITION : Understanding of the production of atomic steam of pure metal and interactions gas/laser - Process of isotopic separation by laser way

We are now offering a post-doctoral position specializing in the physics of gases, plasma, and matter/laser interactions. He will be responsible for working on the understanding of the production of atomic steam (without/with co-evaporant) near the melting point of the pure metal, as well as on the interactions gas/laser of the process in question. The post-doctorate is responsible for ensuring the palladium evaporation tests with the teams already in place, which are : the control of evaporation, the related measures and the behavior of atoms in the vapor phase, then coupling the lasers coming from the laser part of the process in order to study the gas/laser interactions prior the extraction selection of the isotopes of interest. This extraction will also to be defined and tested. The ultimate goal of this initial program is to produce, on a laboratory scale, a few grams of palladium depleted in 105 Pd (from natural palladium « first fruit » of the final 107 Pd radioactive one).

He will also have to ensure laser spectroscopy measurements in the UV in order to refine the sequences of photons for selective photoionization of the desired isotopes. These data are essential for the project in the understanding of atomic vapor phenomena and matter/laser interaction. To do this, the post-doctorate will participate in the definition, assembly and development of the evaporator, the coupling of the process lasers with the vacuum chamber (ensure the photoionization of atoms in the vapor phase). Team exchanges will be set up on this specific subject with recognized specialists within the CEA/DRF. The diagnostic measurements of the laser quality but also the measurements coming from the gas/laser interactions are to be implement.

Particular attention will be paid to the publications to be produced essentially within the framework of the gas/laser interactions (selective photoionization of the atoms of interest and extraction of the latter).

The post-doctoral contract is based on the project of the AO PIA waste N°4 labeled in T2/22 which is out of 4 years.

Contacts : Dr Pascal LEMAIRE