24-month post-doctoral contract in Paris (75) - Laboratoire MPQ

Contrat post-doctoral - Nonlinear and quantum optical metasurfaces

This research project is built on the synergic collaboration of our group in Paris and the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität in Jena. Based on our pioneer experimental demonstration of two-photon quantum states [G. Marino et al., Optica (2019)] and our very recent theoretical work on a quasinormal-mode approach to describe their generation [M.A. Weissflog et al., arXiv:2305.19362], our joint efforts with the German partner aim to demonstrate ultrathin quantum state synthesizers allowing to tune all properties of photonic states by control of size, shape, orientation and spatial distribution of the nanoresonators. To reach this breakthrough, we can count on key competitive advantage in both the technological platform (monolithic AlGaAs-on-AlOx, hybrid AlGaAs-on-sapphire) and the theoretical domain (quasi-normal-mode nonlinear modelling), besides our state-of-the-art nonlinear and quantum optics experimental facilities, and our international leadership in this research domain.
Our goal is to control frequency conversion processes to establish new and sophisticated ultra-broadband ultrafast quantum light sources, from visible to mid-infrared. In contrast to bulk natural materials or thin-films, metasurfaces are amenable to having their optical properties tailored to a specific task and thus may become the most versatile source of entangled photon pairs available. Allowing to engineer space, frequency, and polarization entanglement, our metasurfaces design will be suitable for a wide range of applications, with an especially high potential impact on quantum imaging and holography. Read more

Work location:
Université Paris Cité
Laboratoire MPQ
10, rue A. Domon et L. Duquet
75013 Paris

Contact: Giuseppe Leo (giuseppe.leo@u-paris.fr)





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