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Forest&Photonics2016-International workshop of Photonics & Bio Economy

Du 26/10/2016 au 27/10/2016

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  • Sokos Hotel Break - Koli

For the future development in the forest and bio economy photonics is the key enabling technology for new solutions and opportunities. Forest & Photonics 2016 workshop gathers together the industry and researchers in the fields of photonics and bio economy to bring up challenges, solutions and opportunities in these areas.

Solutions, opportunities and challenges are presented in four categories: Forest Inventory, Supply Chain, Industry and Virtual Reality. Esteemed speakers from NASA, John Deere Forestry, Stora Enso, VTT, Valmet Automation, HIAB, Raute Mecano, UEF etc.
Get the latest information on what photonics as a key enabling technology can bring to your business!

Register now: http://bit.ly/2cStwpT
Program: http://bit.ly/2cnDuv9

Sokos Hotel Break Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 Koli Finland